Latest Admissions Information for Reception 2018


April 16th 2018

National Offer Day - all offers of a primary school place are made by your home Local Authority not the school. 

Your home local authority will endeavour to give you an offer of a school place that is your highest preference based on your choices submitted on the common application form, where there is a place available.

Cathedral Primary School has 60 places available for reception 2018 entry. We have received 284 on-time applications for the 60 places available and therefore we are unable to offer places to every applicant who applied. 

How have the 60 places been allocated for Reception 2018

The Special Educational Needs team at Bristol City Council has requested no places are reserved for children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).
Therefore, all places have been allocated by applying the oversubscription criteria, in order of priority, as set out in the published admission arrangements 2018 for the 1st round of allocation:
‘Looked After’ children or ‘Previously Looked After’ children (none).
Siblings (23 places).
Son/daughter of CPS member of staff (none).
Randomly allocated (37 places)
What you need to do now

Parents and carers must reply to offers made via their home Local Authority by Thursday 1st May 2018

  • accept the place
  • not accept the place and ask to go on a waiting list for a school that you applied for but did not get offered a place.  
  • not accept the place and request an appeal for your preferred school.
  • not accept the place and request new school preferences.
  • not accept the place and advise us that the place is no longer required e.g your child will be attending an independent school.


Waiting lists

If you ask to go on a waiting list for any of your preferred schools, the original place offer will be held for you. Cathedral Primary School maintains its own waiting list and this is ranked against the oversubscription criteria, in order of priority as set out in the published admission arrangements 2018/19.

Please refer to the School Admissions website of your home local authority, e.g. Bristol City Council, South Glos, North Somerset for information about primary admissions.

For information about appealing for Cathedral Primary School please refer to  Appeals



Following the outcome of the first round allocation of places,
30 applicants were considered for a place in the 2nd round of allocation from the waiting list. CPS had 2 places to re-offer.

The school remains oversubscribed; the waiting list was re ranked in line with the oversubscription criteria, in order, as set out in the admission arrangements 2018/19 to reallocate these places.

The second round was made using a fresh round of random allocation and supervised by an independent person. Remaining unsuccessful applicants were drawn randomly and placed on to the waiting list.

The allocation of places is as follows:

0 places have been reserved at the request of the SEN team for children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

  • ‘Looked after’ children or ‘previously looked after’ children (none).                                                                      
  • Siblings (23 places).
  • Son/daughter of BCCS members of staff (none).
  • Randomly allocated (37) places)

CPS maintains its own waiting list which will remain open for the whole academic year 2018/19 and is open for any parent/carer to add their child at any time.

The waiting list will be re ranked in line with the oversubscription criteria each time a new child joins the list.

 Admission Arrangements for 2019-2020

CPS governors, as part of Cathedral Schools Trust have determined (agreed) the admission arrangements for children who will be admitted to the school at the normal point of entry for September 2019.

CPS admission arrangements 2019/20 can be viewed here.

2019-2020 Determined Admission Arrangements 


 Key Dates for Admissions - 2018-2019


15th January 2018

  • Closing date for all applications.

16th April 2018

  • Offers of a primary/infant school place made to parents/carers resident in Bristol will be sent by first class post. If you applied online you will also be sent an email on the 16 April 2018.

By 1st May 2018

  • Parents and carers to respond to the offer of a school place

From late June 2018

  • Appeals will take place.


 Admission Arrangements for 2018-2019


Please read the admission arrangements 2018-2019 before making an application to the school.

Click to view:

2018-2019 Determined Admission Arrangements


 Admissions To Other Years


In-Year Admission for 2018/19 academic year only

Cathedral Primary School is an oversubscribed school. We do not have any vacancies in any year group but  You are welcome to make an application to go onto the waiting list for the relevant year group for the 2018/19 academic year only.

Waiting lists are open for any parent/carer to add their child at any time and are ranked in line with the over-subscription criteria, in order of priority, as set out in the published admission arrangements. Each time a new applicant joins, the waiting list is re ranked in line with the over-subscription criteria, in order of priority, as set out in the published admission arrangements.

Under the School Admissions Code we are unable to give you any indication as to the likelihood of being able to offer a place.

If you wish to make an in year application please complete the online application form below. Alternatively, you may request a hard copy from admissions at the school. This online form IS NOT for Reception applications for September 2019 entry.

In Year Application Form 2018/19 – click here 

Please read the Admission Arrangements before completing an application.

Cathedral Primary School Admission Arrangements 2018/19 – click here

If you require more information please contact the Admissions Office on 0117 353 5016 or 


 Visiting Cathedral Primary School
We will be holding Parent Tours every Tuesday morning throughout Autumn/Winter (with a some exceptions), these MUST be booked in advance. The tour starts at 9.10am and will be finished by 9.50am. Please let us know which Tuesday you would like to book and how many of you will be attending as we only have limited places. 
You can contact us on: 
 Admissions FAQ


1. I would like to apply for a Reception place for my child for September 2018. When can I do this? 
The deadline for applications is 15th January 2018; applications received after the deadline date are treated as 'late' applications under the terms of our 2018/19 Admission Arrangements.

2. What happens after I fill in my Cathedral Primary School application form?
If you made your online application on or before 15th January 2018 admissions closing date, your application will be submitted and processed.

3. When will I know if my child has been offered a place?
Offers of places for September 2018 are made by your home Local Authority on 16th April 2018, which is the national offer date for primary school places.

4. Does gaining a place at Cathedral Primary School give my child a higher priority for a place at Bristol Cathedral Choir School (BCCS) in the future?
Under the School Admissions Code, School Governors are only able to consult on admission arrangements for the academic year 2020/2021 from October 2018. It is hoped that BCCS Governors will name CPS as a feeder school for BCCS.

5. What is the catchment area?
2018-2019 arrangements state that places will be allocated by Random Allocation to those living in the following postcodes: BS1 to BS25, BS29–37 and BS40–49. The process of random allocation will be overseen by an independent body.

6. Do I need to go to church to get a place for my child?
No. The CPS admission arrangements do not have a faith-based criterion. We accept applications from families of all faiths and none.

7. Does my child have to be good at music to secure a place?
No. Music will be important in the life of the school, but the CPS Admission Arrangements do not have a music-based criterion.

8. Is distance from the school a factor in gaining a place?
No. Provided you live in the postcode areas specified above, places will be allocated by random allocation.

9. If I have a child at Bristol Cathedral Choir School or Cathedral Primary School, will his/her younger sibling have priority for a place at Cathedral Primary School?
The admission arrangements 2017-18 state, pupils who, on the date of admission, have a sibling on roll at CPS or BCCS will be eligible for a place.

10. What is your timetable for Admissions Appeals for Reception places for September 2018?
CPS Reception appeals will be heard from late June 2018.


 Click on the links below to view our Admission Arrangements


2018-2019 Determined Admission Arrangements

2017-2018 Determined Admission Arrangements




For information on Appeals, please go to our Appeals page under 'About Us'.