Year 3 and 4


January 2018


Term 3

The children are working on a gymnastics unit of work. We are continuing to focus on developing our social skills and tackling lots of paired and small group tasks. Their is an emphasis on creativity as well as continuing to encourage the children to challenge their physical skills and work hard to improve.



September 2017


We are taking both classes up to Failand to use our playing field and courts facilities every Monday morning. Mrs Hinkins (PE teacher and coach at crossbow netball club) joins Mr Baynton and this enables each class to have two 45 minute lessons taken by a PE specialist.


Term 1


Mr Baynton is teaching a football unit of work.

Mrs Hinkins is teaching a netball unit of work.


Term 2


Mr Baynton is teaching a tag rugby unit of work.

Mrs Hinkins is teaching a hockey unit of work.


We are supporting the children to transfer the fundamental movement skills we've been working on lower down the school into these sport specific scenarios. There is a particular focus on developing their social skills; how they collaborate together in small groups, how they resolve disputes, how they take the lead and how they respond to winning and losing in more competitive scenarios.