Year 2

Mr Byron

Class Information

Weekly Spelling

Spelling will be sent home each Monday and tested the following Monday..


This term PE will be on a Friday afternoon. Please send your child in with their PE kit each Friday. They will change before the session. 

Weekly Updates

Term 6

Week 3

This week the children have been weaving a new basket for Little Red Riding Hood. They have learnt to follow the instructions and to weave slowly and carefully to make sure their basket comes out alright. It was hard work but perseverance has paid off. Soon we will be thinking about what yummy treats to put into them.

They have also used the best writing skills to produce a non-fiction report on wolves. They noted down interesting facts about wolves and then turned their notes into sentences to make a report.

We have been practising hard for our upcoming class assembly. 

Week 2

The highlight of the week had to have been sports day, which the children really enjoyed.  It was a great afternoon and we did well with the weather.

For a change, we mixed the two year 2 classes up for an art lesson. The children made some lovely collage pictures inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. They took their time cutting out trees and then cut out silhouettes of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. The results have made a lovely display in the classroom.

The children also wrote fabulous diary entries as if they were Little Red Riding Hood as well as writing a description of one of the characters from the story.

Week 1

The children came back to school to find a newly arranged classroom. In preparation for Year 3, the children all now sit at desks for the whole of each lesson. The children have taken to this new arrangement with great maturity.

We started our new topic entitled 'If You Go Down To The Woods Today...'. We are looking at Little Red Riding Hood and other traditional tales. We read a couple of different versions of Little Red Riding Hood and compared and contrasted them. The children also had a chance to design a character for their own traditional tale. In art this week, the children have made fantastic trees for our classroom display. 

Term 5

Week 7

This week saw our fantastic trip to The Wild Place. The children took part in a Wild About Wolves workshop which built on some of the work we had done in class about habitats and food cycles. We split into groups for the rest of the day and explored the other animals. The Okapi were firm favourites and everyone enjoyed looking for the cheetahs but I don't think anyone managed to see any. I'm sure your child will be happy to tell you about the powerful smell in the giraffe house. We did really well with the weather and I think the children enjoyed the chance to run around a large field at lunch time. All in all it was a great day.

Week 6

The children have thought some more about food chains. They worked in pairs to create food chains on strips of paper showing the transfer of energy from the sun to producers, consumers and then the apex predator. They also thought about how we classify things as living and non-living.

They have done some lovely writing about our story. They made some helpful instructions for Wild Girl to help her adjust to the bedtime routine in her new home. We also wrote sense poems about what Wild Girl might see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the wild.

For our elements of art lesson the children learnt about texture. We looked at a range of sketching techniques aimed at creating the illusion of texture. 

Week 4

This week the children have learnt about the importance of recycling. We looked at the effects that humans can have on the environment and thought about how recycling can lessen our impact on the world. The children made fantastic posters to encourage people to recycle. We thought about the slogan: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and what that meant.

In our elements of art lesson the children looked at shape. They used masking tape on blank paper to make patterns and then painted over it. Once the masking tape was removed, it left shapes made by the tape.

Week 3

The children have really enjoyed art week. They did a range of activities related to the theme of the sea. First they painted views from the bottom of the ocean looking up. They thought about light filtering the water and cut out silhouettes of the swimming sea creatures. The children also created their own version of the Great Wave of at Kanagawa by Hokussai.

The children also had a chance to take part in a workshop with children from across the school. They are all looking forward to the exhibition.

Week 2

This week the children have learnt about how the Greeks thought the natural world world was made up of four elements. We learnt about Aristotle and his influence on modern science - he was believed we could only learn about the world through close observation. We also engaged in some Aristotelian ethics and thought about how we could bring more balance to our lives.

In maths we have been practising key strategies for addition and subtraction. We have been looking at splitting numbers into tens and ones and adding or subtracting them separately. If you want to help at home, learning number facts is always a good thing to do.

Week 1

This class settled straight back into school this week. We spent some time sharing our experiences of the Easter holidays - it sounds like everyone had a lot of fun.

We started our new topic on the natural world. The children already know a lot of interesting facts about animals and nature but were able to come up with some fascinating questions for us to attempt to answer this term. We started off by learning a bit about food chains. The children learnt about the transfer of energy through a food chain and had a go at acting out there own food chain.

Term 4

Week 5

This week the children wrote some fantastic recounts of our Travelling Kitchen experience. They included details about naming the herbs and grinding the wheat. They used their best writing skills to describe the actual cooking they did and used fantastic adjectives to describe the delicious feast.

To wrap up our topic, the children learnt about coats of arms. They found out that different animals and different colours had special meanings. They chose animals and colours that were special to them and created their own coat of arms.

On the final day of term, the children got to have their Easter egg hunt. They were very excited and I have never seen them move so fast. The hunt was over quickly. The PTA had no chance of hiding the eggs from Blues class!

Week 4

The highlight of this week was definately our visit from the Travelling Kitchen. They came in and helped us to prepare the medieval feast that the children and so many of the parents enjoyed. They also gave the children a bit of history about food in the middle ages. They children had the chance to try to grind some barley and match the old English names for some of the ingredients with our modern names.

Working in groups, the children spent the day chopping, mixing, kneeding and cooking. The results were amazing. Everyone enjoyed the feast. (The staff helpfully polished off the leftovers the next day for their lunch.)

We also thought about how might live in a castle. We decided that it was usually Kings and Queens so we learnt about Queen Victoria as she is Britain's most famous Queen. We learnt lots of interesting facts about her life



Week 2

 It was an exciting week even if it was cut short by snow. The children celebrated Book Week in a variety of ways. each day the school took part in a reading session. Everywhere you went in the school just after lunch, everyone was reading. (Even the teachers!) We had a lovely Book day quiz with Year 3 which tested out knowledge of books to the limit. On World Book day itself, we had a range of fantastic costumes showing how widely read we are as a school.

Then, of course, something very exciting happened which no-one believed would really happen. Due to the snow, the author that was due to visit the school was unable to make it. Luckily, she is coming in in week 3 instead so we will get to meet her and do a lovely creative writing workshop.

Term 3

Week 6

This week the children finished off their space topic. We checked on our growing plants and, as predicted by many, only the Earth plant grew. The class also wrote letters to Tim Peake to tell him all about all the fantastic things they have learnt. We had a great afternoon of space arts and crafts, where the children got to make their own flying saucers and other space related pictures.

The children had a go a writing their own 500 word stories and started to learn about the exciting world of statistics.

We also said goodbye to Miss Webb who's been with us for the whole of this term. She's back off to Uni but I'm sure she'll never forget her time with Blues class.

Week 5

This week the children got the chance to practise their collaborative groups work skills. The latest NASA mission had us designing and building a rocket. Working in pairs, the children looked at the materials available and came up with a design. The brief was to include a compartment for an astronaught. The design had to pass a testing phase. (This involved throwing them off the balcony and seeing if the astronaut survived the trip!) The children worked really well together and made some amazing designs. You'll be pleased to hear, most of the astronauts survived.

Next week the children will be given a chance to write stories for the 500 Words competition. We had a planning session this week so they already have some ideas. Why not ask your child to tell you their idea? You could also check out the 500 words website for inspiration - click here

Week 4

 This week we have been thinking about the kind of experiments that might be done on the ISS. We decided to think about whether plants would grow on other planets. We researched the environments of two other planets and tried to recreate them. We have planted one set of seeds and given them no water and put them in a hot place to simulate Venus and planted another set and put it in the freezer to simulate Saturn. We also thought about the key science skills of prediction, observation and recording our results.

We have also thought about our jigsaw topic of hopes and dreams. We thought about how you have to work to achieving your goals and that their might be steps on the way that you have to take.

Week 3

This week's NASA mission involved learning about life on board the ISS. We watched some of Chris Hadfield's video clips. (There are plenty more on youtube and they are informative.) We focused on his video of making a sandwich and the children got to make their own and then wrote instructions to tell someone else how to make a space sandwich. We thought about using imperative verbs in our instructions to make sure it was clear what to do.

For art, we looked at Starry Night by Van Gogh and the children had a go at copying his style. They made some fantastic versions of Starry Night. It was also the perfect excuse to listen to some Don Mclean. Some children chose to make craft aliens in their golden time.

Week 2

 This week the children started to look at Beegu. They started by investigating the alien crash site in pairs. They took notes of the evidence and shared them with the class. The children also drew what they thought Beegu's home planet might look like.

In maths, we started to look at mutiplication. We have learnt that we multiply in equal groups and that the first factor tells us how many groups we have and the second factor tells us their size.

We also undertook our first mission for NASA. The children investigated the life of British astronuaght, Time Peake. We watched some fantastic footage of him aborad the International Space Station.

Week 1

The class have had a great start back to school. They all came back refreshed and ready to learn. We introduced our new topic – International Space Station. The children came up with some great questions they would like to find the answers to. We started off by learning about what a galaxy is and looked at some pictures captured by the Hubble telescope. The children then made pictures of their own galaxies using tissue paper and glitter.

Term 1

Welcome to Year 2. The children have settled in amazingly well and started to get back into the routines of school. They have spent the week showing off their fantastic maths and writing skills. It also clear that we have some wonderful curious minds in the class because the children came up with some great questions for our ‘What a Wonderful World!’ topic. We have a lot of questions to try to answer.

We have started hearing the children read and will be putting them in reading groups over the next week and  we will let you know their reading day.

This weekend, why not ask them to sing you the song that we have started to learn. Three is indeed a magic number.



Week 2

This week the children have done some fantastic learning in our topic lessons. We’ve thought about what a continent is and learnt the names of them. (Ask them to sing you the song.) We also made world maps on paper plates and tried to put the continents in the right place.

We took an in-depth look at Australia and learnt some fun facts about the continent. Why not see if you child can remember any of the facts?

As part of our look at traditional tales from around the world, we looked at a Polynesian tale about how the people captured the sun with ropes and a net in order to slow it down and create more daylight hours. The children worked in teams to create ropes and a net out of straws and paper. (We used a large yellow ball for the sun.)The children got into the spirit of team work and made and tested their designs. There are photos to follow once some technical issues are overcome.

Week 3

This week we have been thinking a lot about nouns and how we can expand on them with adjectives. We started to learn a song to help us with the definitions of the words noun, adjective and verb. Why not ask your child to name something they see and then add an adjective in front to make an expanded noun phrase?

We continued our whirlwind tour of the world in topic by looking at Asia. We learned some facts about the continent and then looked at China in particular. We children made some fantastic junk model Chinese dragons.

For maths this week, we continued to look at partitioning numbers into tens and ones. We realised that if twenty-three is made up of two tens and three ones then it is the same as 20 +3. If you want to practise any maths at home, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s would be a great place to start.

Week 4

This week we have looked at the continent of Africa. We learnt some interesting facts about Africa and tried our hands at African drumming. The children compared some aspects of life in rural South Africa with our lives in Bristol. They found that some things were the same but some were very different.

It was National poetry day on Thursday so the children wrote some poems based on the theme of freedom. The children used similes to describe how free they are.

In maths this week, we have been thinking about greater than and less than. We also had a recap on number pairs that make 10 because these facts help with number fluency.

Week 5

This week we have been looking at Europe. This involved a fantastic trip to Pizza Express. The children got to make their own pizzas. They shaped the dough, covered it in tomato sauce and added the mozzarella. It turns out we have a class of budding pizza chefs. The children’s behaviour was amazing and they were wonderful ambassadors for the school.

We also learnt about Emma Watson and the work she has done for the UN. She’s done a lot more than star as Hermione Grainger in Harry Potter. The children learnt about her campaign to increase gender equality.

We did some art work in the style of Henri Matisse. We looked at his paper cutting work and had a go at doing it ourselves. We’ve got some budding paper cutting artists in the class.

Week 6

This week we have looked at the continent of South America. We studied the rainforest and learnt about its four layers and what kind of plants and animals you find in each one. We looked at the art work of Beatrize Milhazes. She creates colourful collage pieces and was inspired by the work of Henri Matisse. The children made their own collages, using a range of colourful geometric shapes, then added some details and patterns with felt tip pens.

The children had a great time during our official opening and enjoyed a talk by children’s author Laura James. She told them all about her book Captain Pug. The children all posed for a picture as the Mayor cut the ribbon to the school but, for many of the children, the Mayor’s visit was somewhat eclipsed by the appearance of Andy day from Cbeebies.

Term 2

 Week 1

The children settled back into school amazingly well. We started our new topic of ‘How far can we go?’ We will be looking at transport through the ages and looking at the way it has changed and how those changes have affected people’s lives. We will also be thinking about how far we can go in our own lives.

This week the school was awash with election fever. We had seven children who put themselves forward to represent Blues class at the school council. They each did a speech in front of their classmates and then it was time to vote. We were lucky enough to have a real polling booth for the children to use. Well done to Poppy and Vasia for winning the vote. I’m sure they will represent the class well.


Week 2

This week the children have looked at boats. We saw some pictures of early boats made by the Egyptians, some sail boats and some modern boats. We decided to do an experiment to see what materials would be best for building a boat. We gathered together some metal, cotton, paper and plastic. Like proper scientists, we made predictions about which would be water-proof and which would float. We then tested these predictions and recorded our observations.

We also started to learn some of the songs for the school nativity.

Week 3

This week we looked at how transport has changed over the years. The children made timelines showing the changes in types of transport. They were amazed by the early car that had no doors and no roof.

As it was anti-bullying week, we spent a lot of time talking about what bullying is and how we can put a spot to it. The children did some fantastic collaborative work and created comic strips that told a story about bullying and its effects. We discussed how words can make people feel bad and the children made a paper chain of kind words.

Week 4

This week the children have been learning about the history of flight and about how changes in flight changed the lives of people all over the world. We realised that we can now travel all over the world easily and we have access to exotic fruits all year round. This is all thanks to flight.

We looked in detail at the Wright brothers and learnt about their pioneering flight that lasted for just 12 seconds. They kept working and made a new plane that was able to fly for 5 minutes. We used our collaborative team skills to make our very own Wright Flyers. In pairs, using masking tape, cocktail sticks, lollipop sticks and cardboard, the children made their own model planes.

Week 5

This week the children have been learning a bit about the history of trains. We looked at the how trains changed people’s lives and thought about why some people were against them when they were first invented. We learnt about George Stephenson and the rocket. The children imagined they were on that first railway journey and wrote lovely recounts.

The class are still working hard at their nativity. Lots of effort has been out into learning their lines and the songs. It should be a wonderful performance.

Week 6

The children worked really hard on their nativity play during the last two weeks as well as working hard at some assessment tasks. I think everyone would agree they put on a great performance. I know those songs will be ringing in my ears for many weeks to come. They also had a surprise visit from Father Christmas who brought each of them a present.

All the children have worked really hard these first two terms and should be really proud of themselves.