Year 3 - Miss Courtenay

Year 3


Doors Open Day for Schools

We had a great day out at the Doors Open Day for Schools. We started the day with some historical role play in Queen Square where we learnt about the Bristol riots. We then walked to the Llandoger Trow which is thought to have been the inspiration for the Admiral Benbow Inn in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. We acted out a scene where Long John Silver discovers Jim Hawkins' treasure map. 

After that, we had a long walk to St James' Priory, which is the oldest building in Bristol. As well as doing some writing and drawing inside the church, we were also allowed to climb a very steep and narrow spiral staircase to the top of the church tower. Well done everyone (including the adults!) for being so brave! 

On our walk back, we called in to City Hall to visit the Council Chamber. We then finished our day at the Architecture Centre where we used craft materials to redesign a space to make it more exciting and interesting. All the staff were so impressed with how well the children represented the school and were amazed at how far they managed to walk during the day!

Big Arts Week

We have had a brilliant time during Big Arts Week! During the week, we created collages inspired by the Bristol artist Jenny Urquhart, made 3D models of colourful Bristol houses and took part in a bridge building challenge. We look forward to sharing our artwork at the exhibition. Have a look at the photos below for a preview...

Wonderful Topic Work

We have produced some brilliant work all about our new topic! We looked at famous buildings around the world and used maps to find the countries they are in. We also found out about Charles Holden, the architect of our new school building, and wrote biographies about him. In Science, we learnt about the different parts of a plant and the special jobs they have for helping the plant grow. 

Mike the Magician

This week we had a very special job to do! A letter arrived from none other than the famous magician, Abdul Kazam! He asked us to help with the very important job of choosing an assistant for his next show. He sent the magnificent Mike the Magician to our class and asked us to write to him to let him know how good Mike was. Mike was a little nervous at first but with our help he performed some mesmerising magic tricks. We were amazed as milk was poured into a paper cup and vanished, red balls appeared in our hands from nowhere and rope was cut in two then mysteriously became whole again. Mike even showed us a few tricks and illusions we could practise ourselves. Maybe we could be Abdul Kazam's assistants in the future!

Magic Music

We have been working in groups to compose our own music based on the song The Magic Travel Machine. We were given a description of the place the magic machine had taken us to which we had to keep secret from the other groups. They then had to guess where we were from the sounds we created on our instruments. Have a look at us busy composing:

Super Samba

We have started a Year 3 Samba band! We are learning about the different Samba instruments and how to play them. I wonder who can still remember the name of each instrument as some were quite unusual! Throughout the term we will be learning to play more complex rhythms, building on what we have already learnt during our African drumming sessions. I'm sure we will be ready for a Samba performance towards the end of the year.


Volcanic Eruptions

This week it was time to erupt our volcanoes! There was great excitement as "molten magma" poured out of the tops of the volcanoes. To make our eruptions, we mixed bicarbonate of soda (sodium bicarbonate) with vinegar (acetic acid). We learnt when you mix these two chemicals they react to make the gas carbon dioxide.


Volcano Sculptures

This week we finished our Extreme Earth topic with a bang by creating 3D volcanoes ready to erupt! We decided the type of volcano we wanted to make then used newspaper and cardboard to create the shape of our volcano. Next, we used our hands to sculpt Modroc over the top. Finally, we painted our volcanoes to make them look realistic. There was great teamwork shown as the children discussed ideas together and helped each other to achieve their final designs.


Rocks and Fossils

What a busy end to the week we had in Year 3 this week, with a trip to Bristol Museum in the morning and our African drumming performance in the afternoon!

We really enjoyed our Rocks and Fossils workshop at the museum and we also had time to explore some of the other exhibits in the museum. We learnt about the three different types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) and used magnifying glasses to carefully look at the selection of rocks they had in the museum. Thank you to all the parents who were able to come with us on the trip for your help.

No sooner had we got back to school, we went straight into a final rehearsal of our African drumming before performing to parents. We have worked really hard this term on playing the different rhythms in time and you all played together brilliantly for the final performance!

Watch a clip of us drumming:


Volcano Projects

Well done Year 3 for producing such brilliant Topic work this term! I have been so impressed by your creativity and all the extra research you have done at home. All the staff have really enjoyed seeing what you bring in each week. Have a look below at some of the super volcano projects we have on display in the classroom.


Finding Fractions

This week in Maths we have focused on fractions. We practised finding fractions of shapes and amounts. We then used diagrams to help show how we add and subtract fractions.


Escape from Pompeii!

In English, we have looked closely at our key text 'Escape from Pompeii' in order to magpie interesting descriptions from the story. We then worked together to write our own descriptions of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. We practised using similes and personification. Here are some of the exciting descriptions we came up with:


The streets of Pompeii hummed as the people busily went about their daily lives.

The ground gently rumbled like a purring cat.

The volcano roared out boiling lava and ash.

A dark and smokey ash cloud hugged the city.

Flashes of lightening punched the sky.


Book Week

This week we celebrated World Book Day! On Thursday, we came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and took part in a Book Share with the rest of the school. In class, we created our own comics based on fairy tales and traditional stories. We shared these with Reception at the end of the day.


Ready, Steady, Go!

In Maths, we finished our topic on Time by working in pairs to estimate and record how long it took to do different activities. We can say our times tables really quickly!


Extreme Earth

Welcome back! This week we began our new topic Extreme Earth. To help plan what we will learn about this term, we discussed what we know already as a class and wrote down questions we would like to find the answers to. We came up with some really interesting ideas such as: How are volcanoes formed? Do all volcanoes erupt? Are there different types of volcanoes? How dangerous are volcanoes? I can't wait to see what you find out in your home learning this term!



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