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Year 4     

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Class Information


PE will be in school on Friday afternoons. The children should come to school in their PE kit to save time changing. The can be in their PE kit all day.

Spellings will be tested every Wednesday. 

Term 2 Spellings

In a bid to save the environment, I will send home a paper list of the term's spellings and then put a copy of it on the website. This reduces the waste involved in sending home paper every week. Below is the current term's spellings.

Weekly Updates

Term 2

Week 1

The children have settled back into school really well. We started our new topic about the human body. We learnt about how the brain works. We have started to work on having a growth mindset. This means we will face up to challenges, use our mistakes to help us learn and not give up in the face of difficulties.

We started to read an abridged version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The children have been working on filling their writing with exciting vocabulary to keep the reader interested.


Week 8

We wrapped up our topic by having a go at designing some Iron Age art. It's been quite a rush going through 2.5 million years of human history in just 7 and a half weeks. It did give us a good idea about how much life in Britain changed during that period.

We also had a go at a bit of town planning. We played a game that involved linking houses to electricity and water but we weren't allowed to have any pipes that crossed each. The children worked hard to solve the problem but each time they did it, I made them add another house.

There was also a team game where the children had to cross the hall without touching the floor. The only way to succeed was to work together. To add to the challenge, they had to do it in silence. You'd be surprised how quietly they can work!

Week 7

This week we learnt about Bronze Age burials. We came to understand that a lot of what we know about the Bronze age is based on what has been found buried with people. We also continued to work on our Stone Age house at Forest school. The walls were made of woven branches last week so the children started to pack the walls with mud. Next week, we hope to finish it off with a roof.

In English, we wrote a prequel to Stig thinking about how he might have come to end up in the modern age. The children worked in pairs and came up with some great stories.

We spent some tome practising our class assembly for next week and a few children brought in some fantastic homework which we hope to display during the assembly on Wednesday.

Also ask your child to show you Times Tables Rockstars. They each have a log on and it's a great fun way to practise times tables.

Week 6

This week we started to look at changes from the Stone Age to the Bronze age. We learnt about how to smelt copper to make bronze.

We also had a go at some Stone Age cave art which we had meant to do a few weeks ago but we had been sidetracked.

At forest school, the children started to make a replica Stone Age house as well as having a go at making some stone age tools and weapons.

The children demonstrated their problem solving skills by having a go at some modular origami. This involves using squares of paper to make the same shape over and over again and then fitting those together to make a larger shape. After a lot of perseverance, we had a few groups of children who managed to make cubes out of six modules. The most impressive thing was how some children justs did not give up until they were done.

Week 5

We have spent a lot of this week thinking about poetry because of National Poetry Day on Thursday. We looked at Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol. Even though it contains nonsense words we were able to use our knowledge of English grammar to work out whether the words were nouns, adjectives or verbs. Since the theme of poetry day was change, we then wrote our own version of the poem changing all the nonsense words to real words of the same type.

We also looked at the nonsense poem 'The Ning Nang Nong'. After reading it and talking about it, we decided it created a strong image in our heads despite being very surreal so we decided to draw the poem.

On National Poetry Day itself we also took part in a live lesson being broadcast on the BBC. It was a lot of fun.

In keeping with the theme of change, we decided to make some changes to a song we had been learning. As we are Country Class we have been learning country classic 'He Was a Friend of Mine'. Now we've changed some of the words to make it a song about being in Year 4.

Week 4

This week we continued to learn about the Stone Age. The children used their collaborative skills to undertake some group research and start making information posters about the Stone Age. It was lovely to see the group working well together and gathering information.

In maths, we have been thinking about partitioning numbers into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones and how this can help us with our addition and subtraction. We also had a go at a Fermi problem. We wondered if we could successfully estimate how many vets there were in Bristol. We came to the estimate of 6,000. If this seems a little high, it might be due to the fact that the children came up with some very high numbers for the number of individual vets they had seen working in their local veterinary practice. The children swore by their numbers so we went with them but it did give us a high average number of vets per veterinary practice.

In English, we thought about some of the features of a non-fiction text and had a go at writing one about Stig.

Week 2

This week have have learnt that although early stone age people didn't have written language, they did create art work that symbolised important aspects of their lives. We looked at some modern symbols and discussed how some were representational and others were abstract. The children then had a go at creating a symbol to represent one of the important achievements of the Stone Age- the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel, creation go tools and the invention of farming.

In English, we have continued to read Stig of the Dump and the children have planned and written the start of the story. This term, we will have a big focus on how a writer needs to plan and edit his or her work.

Week 1 - Welcome back!

The children have come back and settled right back in. They've been showing off many off the things they learnt in Year 3. 

We have our first PE lesson on Friday 7th so the children will need to bring their PE kits in with them. PE will continue on a Friday for the rest of the year. (We will also be going to Failand for PE at some point in the year.)

More class information will go out with the curriculum map at the end of this first week.