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 Reception Offers 2022

School Admissions information is available on-line at 

Please note offers are made by your home local authority and not the school.

Information about how places have been allocated at Cathedral Primary School can be viewed here - Allocation Statement

Admissions Timeline

  • 15th January - Final date for applications
  • 19th April - Offers of school places sent to parents and carers including offers from other local authorities and own admission schools
  • By 3rd May - Parents and carers must respond to the offer of a school place
  • 4th June - Deadline for lodging an on-time appeal where we present appeals on behalf of the school or academy
  • 27th June - School appeals held for CPS 
 Variations to our Admission Arrangements effective from 1st September 2021

In line with the introduction of the new School Admissions Code in September 2021, schools which are their own Admission Authorities have been required to put specific variations in place to previously determined admission arrangements for 2021/22 and 2022/23.

These relate to the definition of looked after and previously looked after children (children in care/previously in care whether in England or elsewhere), the definition of 'Home', in year admission procedures and how distance is measured.

These variations were determined for use by Cathedral Schools Trust (CST) who is the admission authority. You can view the Varied Admission Arrangements for 2021/22 and 2022/23 by following the links below: 

CPS Varied Admission Arrangements 2022/23

CPS Varied Admission Arrangements 2021/22

Supplementary Information Form (staff)

Application for an Out of Year Group Request

To view a report on the outcomes of the admission consultation for all trust schools summarising the responses we received and explaining the decisions reached for each school - link to Consultation Report

To view the determined admission arrangements for all schools - link to Admissions Cathedral Schools Trust

 Visiting Cathedral Primary School & Parent Tours
Tour dates for autumn 2022 term have yet to be confirmed. Please contact the school at the start of September by which time the day and time of the tours should have been agreed. Places are limited and must be booked in advance. 
Please email (rather than call) the office on: 
To view the Virtual Parent Tour that took place in November 2020, please click here
Determination of Admission Arrangements 2023/24

In line with the School Admissions Code, Cathedral Schools Trust (CST) has determined (agreed) the admission arrangements for all schools within the trust including Cathedral Primary School. These arrangements are for children who will be admitted to the school at the normal point of entry for September 2023.

Consultation Report

To view a report on the outcome of the admission consultation summarising the responses received and explaining the decisions reached for the academic year 2023/24 please click on the link below. 

Consultation Report


Reception Class - September 2022 - Infant Class Size Appeals

Please click on the links below to view relevant documents.

For information about how places have been allocated please click here - Allocation Statement

Parents should submit Infant Class Size appeal forms by 4th June 2022 to:

For further information please contact:

  In-Year Admissions for 2022 - 2023 Academic Year Only 


The following applications will be treated as In-Year Admissions during 2022-2023:

  • Applications for admission to Reception which are received after 1st September 2022 
  • all other applications for admission to Year 1 to Year 6 (late applications for Reception 2022 can still be made via your home local authority until 31st August 2022).

Applications are considered in line with our published admission arrangements. If a place cannot be offered at the time of application, you may request that your child's name is added to the waiting list for the relevant year group.

Priority will not be given on the basis of the date an application was added to the list. There is no advantage to making an application early. In line with the School Admissions Code we are unable to give parents/carers any indication as to the likelihood of being able to offer a place and for this reason we are unable to offer individual visits to the school. If you are offered a place then we will arrange a meeting for you to come into school.

Who can apply

Applications will be accepted for children who meet one or more of the following:

  • they are resident in the UK
  • they hold full British Citizen Passports
  • they are from countries whose passports have been endorsed to show that they have the right to abode in this country
  • they are from the European Economic Area (EEA).

Applications for children who do not meet one of the above will not be accepted until the child is in this country.

Waiting lists are terminated at the end of the academic year. Applications submitted in previous years do not carry forward into the next academic year.  If you have previously submitted an in year application and were unsuccessful in gaining a place at the school, you will need to submit a new 2022/23 application. 

If you wish to make an in year application please complete the online form below. Alternatively, you may request a hard copy from admissions at the school. Please read the admission arrangements before completing an application.




Parents/carers have the right of appeal to an independent appeal panel following an unsuccessful application. Please note there are changes to the appeal process due to COVID.


For information about the formal appeal process, please read the documents below;

For further information please contact

 Admissions FAQ


1. How do I apply for a Reception place for my child for September 2022?

  • Complete the common application form (CAF) via your home local authority by the specified deadline selecting Cathedral Primary School as a preference. It is not necessary to complete any supplementary information forms to the school.

2. Will Cathedral Primary School know my preference choices on the CAF?

  • No. Cathedral Primary School will not know the preference choices of primary schools made by parents/carers to their home local authority, including where parents/carers have placed CPS on the form. Only the local authority knows this.
  • The local authority will endeavour to offer you a primary school place at your highest preference where there is a place available. Remember your highest preference may not be your first preference.

3. When will I know if my child has been offered a place?

  • Offers of places for September 2022 are made by your home local authority on 16th April 2022, which is the national offer date for primary school places.

4. Does gaining a place at Cathedral Primary School give my child a higher priority for a place at Bristol Cathedral Choir School (BCCS) in the future?

  • Following the consultation during 2018/19, BCCS governors agreed to name Cathedral Primary School as a feeder school. 

5. What is the priority or catchment area?

  • All applications for places are considered under the published admissions criteria, in order of priority, including random allocation to children living in the following Bristol local authority postcode areas BS1 to BS16. Other children not living in Bristol local authority postcode areas BS1 to BS16 will be considered after Bristol applicants.

6. Do I need to go to church to get a place for my child?

  • No. The CPS admission arrangements do not have a faith-based criterion. We accept applications from families of all faiths and none. Please note that CPS is in the process of adopting a Church of England faith designation to become a Church of England voluntary controlled (VC) school. This change is likely to be in place by September 2021. There are no plans to alter the way in which children are admitted to Cathedral Primary School as a result of this change. Pupils will continue to be admitted in line with the order of priority in Cathedral Primary School's oversubscription criteria.

7. Does my child have to be good at music to secure a place?

  • No. Music will be important in the life of the school, but the CPS admission arrangements do not have a music-based criterion.

8. Is distance from the school a factor in gaining a place?

  • No. Proximity to the school is not an oversubscription criteria. All applications for places are considered against the published admissions criteria.

9. If I have a child at Bristol Cathedral Choir School or Cathedral Primary School, will his/her younger sibling have priority for a place at Cathedral Primary School?

  • Following the consultation during 2018/19, CPS governors agreed that priority will be given to children who have a sibling on roll at CPS at the time of application. Priority will not be given to those applicants who have a sibling on roll at BCCS at the time of application.