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English Curriculum


It is our intention at Cathedral Primary School for all children to become creative, imaginative writers and be given a wealth of opportunities to do this. It is our belief that children must be immersed in quality literature and develop a love of stories from the earliest possible age. We do this through a book study approach, where the children will be fully immersed in the language, story and world of a book each term. Across the school, the immersion process can include talking the text; drama and role play; and art and design activities linked to the book. Following this, they are given creative writing opportunities linked to the book. Each year, the children will explore a range of fiction and non-fiction genres and we will progressively build their understanding of writing features through discrete teaching of grammar. 

Writing        Writing


At Cathedral Primary School our vision for reading is that all children become confident readers, develop their own reading identity and most importantly share a love of reading.  Throughout the whole school we encourage all of our children to read for pleasure.  Children will have daily opportunities to read independently in class with a text of their choice alongside a whole class story shared with the class teacher. This love of reading is encouraged through our close links and proximity to Bristol Central Library. 

When children start at school in Reception, reading is taught through a systematic delivery of synthetic phonics using the programme Read Write Inc. This approach teaches children the skill of decoding words through segmenting sounds and blending.  Alongside this, children are exposed to a wide variety of high quality texts where they are able to build skills needed to understand what has been read through daily guided reading lessons. From Year 1-6 these daily lessons focus on teaching children the key skills needed to understand what has been read. Our aim is to ensure that children are exposed to a range of different genres from different authors as they journey through our school.  

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