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Year 4     

My Byron

Class Information

Can you please ensure your child comes in with a coat everyday. Sometimes it is raining a little and we still need to get outside and get some fresh air.


We will be doing PE on Wednesday. Your child should come in in their PE kit and they will remain in it all day.


We will be using Spelling Shed again this year. A different spelling rule will be set each week with games and activities for the children to practise at home.

Times Tables

We will continue to rote learn out times tables as the children started last year. We will work together as a class learning a couple of facts a week. We will do a timed test three times a week.

Times tables are a vital part of anyone's mathematical toolkit. Please help your child by regularly asking them about the times table facts that we are learning in class. Each week, I will post our new facts on the web page.


We will be doing whole class guided reading this year and looking at a lot of exciting texts. It is important that every child reads at home as well. Reading levels at primary school are a good indicator of future success in secondary school. Your child should try to read at least four times a week.

Curriculum Map Term 1 and 2

Weekly Updates

Week 3

This week we have been building on our descriptions of mythical creatures in order to plan non-chronological reports.We have thought about using generalisers (most, usually, in general) and technical vocabulary. Next week, we will finish off our plan and write the report.

In maths, we have been learning to partition 4-digit numbers and place them on number lines. The class have thought about how to solve problems systematically too.

In topic, we learnt about ancient Greek democracy. We found out the Greeks had the first democracy in recorded history. We had to pick a role from Greek life (Athenian, non-Athenian, Slave and child). Once we worked out how could vote, we were down to only 4 people in the class who could vote. We compared this to modern British democracy and decided things had come a long way.

Week 2

The children worked really hard this week and showed a lot of resilience as we worked through some fairly boring assessment work. We tried to round the week off with some more fun work on Friday. In maths, we did some modular origami. Anyone who enjoyed the challenge can get more by searching 'modular origami wild maths'. We also learnt about chronology by making toilet paper time lines. Each sheet of paper represented 100 years and we managed to go all the way back to the ancient Greeks. I took lots of photos but left my iPad at school so will upload them next week.


Week 1

The class have had a fantastic first few days back. We introduced our new school value of resilience and the children showed boat loads of it during a tough problem solving task in maths. We have also thought about creating an emotional toolkit to help us deal with the ups and downs of life.

We started to think about our new topic of ancient Greece. We learnt the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur and learned about what happened to Arachne when she defied the gods.

It's been a great (but tiring) few days and the children have done really well. They should all feel really proud of themselves. It's not easy being back after 6 months away from school but they have got back into the routine quickly.