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Key Stage 2

Year 3


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Miss Edwards
Reggae Class
Miss Hufford
Country Class

PE: Our weekly PE lesson is on Tuesday afternoons with Mr Baynton. Children should come to school dressed in their PE kit and will stay in this all day.

Reading books: Please read at least 4 times a week if you can and record it in the children's reading records. Reading records and reading books should be in school every day.

Oxford Owl: Please continue to explore the Oxford Owl website using the username and password emailed to you. There are lots of eBooks to enjoy! 

Water bottles: Please bring a named water bottle into school each day.

Spellings: Our weekly spelling lists will now be posted on Spelling Shed on Mondays for children to practise at home.

Times Tables RockstarsTT Rockstars logins have now been sent home for children to practise their times tables.

Here is what we're learning this term!

Term 6 - Can you teach an alien how plants grow?

Our Knowledge Organiser for Term 6

Term 5 - England or Russia: Where would you rather live?


English -  The Mousehole Cat

In English we have been reading The Mousehole Cat, a story about a Cornish fishing village who are saved by an old fisherman and his cat. We've loved reading the story and are now preparing to write our own version! For this, we wrote descriptive paragraphs about the Great Storm Cat. We used our senses to explore the storm and even created our own storm soundscape! 


Check out our storm soundscape and descriptions on seesaw!


Sports Day!

Year 3 were so excited to be able to finally enjoy another sports day! Although it was a little different to normal, they still had so much fun! The competing countries were Germany, Japan, USA, Jamaica and Kenya. We began with a sprint race and then took part in our Olympic challenges. We had javelin, spring jumping, throwing and catching, and finished with a hurdle relay! All the children were amazing: they showed great teamwork, were supportive and above all, had fun! 

'Cher Zoo' from our French Lessons

Year 3 have been doing an amazing job of learning the story, Cher Zoo (Dear Zoo) in their French lessons with Miss Veuve. Check out their performances below!

Country Class

Reggae Class

Red Nose Day

Year 3 had such a fun time performing their flash mob to celebrate Red Nose Day! Check out their moves! 

Reggae Class

Country Class

Term 4 - Who were the Ancient Egyptians? 

Our Term 3 Knowledge Organiser

Test your knowledge on our topic. Here are some ideas on how to use your knowledge organiser:

  • Can you cover the list of key vocabulary and name the key words based on their description alone??
  • Or can you describe the key vocabulary without looking at the description??
  • Tell someone at home where Egypt is in the world.
  • Tell someone at home a fact about Tutankhamun.

Are you an Ancient Egyptian expert??

Term 3 - What can rocks tell us?

Our Term 3 Knowledge Organiser

Test your knowledge on our topic. Here are some ideas on how to use your knowledge organiser:

  • Can you cover the list of key vocabulary and name them based on their description alone??
  • Or can you describe the key vocabulary without looking at the description??
  • Tell someone at home how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock is formed. 
  • Tell someone at home how fossils are formed!  

Are you a rock expert??

Rocks, Rocks and More Rocks!

This term we have been learning all about rocks and what they can tell us about the Earth. We have been reading the book, The Pebble in my Pocket, which tells us about the life and journey of a pebble, from its beginnings as lava from a volcano to today!

We have explored igneous rock, sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock, and how these are formed. Take a look at some of our posters below!

We are also now trained palaeontologists! We have been learning about how fossils are formed and even made our own fossils! Here are some to show you! 

Term 1 and 2 - Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age: when was the best time to live?

Enquiry question: Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age: When was the best time to live?

What a creative and exciting Term 2 that Year 3 have had!  

The children have worked incredibly hard this term; they have written some imaginative non-chronological reports on unicorns, been super scientists and explored light and shadows through group investigations, crafted their own Stone Age necklaces and pots and had a go at some Bronze Age weaving. Take a look... 

Visit to Bristol Cathedral

Year 3 had a wonderful time visiting Bristol Cathedral and learning all about its exciting heritage through a costume trail. They learnt about the role of the Bishop, listened to stories about Cathedral's past and had the opportunity to dress up as iconic and historical figures linked to Bristol Cathedral. 

Did you know that the artwork in the stain glass windows are of REAL Bristol heroes that helped during World War 2?

Remembrance Poetry

Some beautiful and thoughtful examples of our acrostic poems completed on Remembrance Day.

Stone Age Workshop

This week, Year 3 were lucky enough to take part in a virtual Stone Age workshop. During this workshop we investigated several ancient artifacts and learnt some interesting facts about life during the Stone Age. We even got to dress up! 

Forest School

Wow, what an exciting week Year 3 have had at Forest School! We worked really hard as a team to build our own Stone Age homes using resources found in the forest. Some of us even designed and made our own tools! Take a look.... 

Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age: When was the best time to live?

We launched our topic by becoming picture detectives! We explored the picture above and using clues, made predictions and asked questions about life during the Stone Age. We discussed different sources of evidence and learnt that there are no written records from this period in history. Most evidence is taken from archaeological finds! We explored cave paintings and how they provide some clues about life during the Stone Age. We even created our own cave paintings outside using examples to help us.  Take a look!

Stone Age Boy

During Forest School this week we stumbled upon an intriguing letter, a pair of glasses and copy of 'Stone Age Boy'! 

In English, we used clues from the front cover to make predictions about the characters and the setting. 

Welcome Back Week!

Setting up our classroom

We had a fantastic first week back in Year 3! It was amazing to see all the children's smiling faces coming back into school! We launched straight into our learning by discussing what we wanted our classroom to be like and how we were going to make sure it happened. The children came up with some great ideas and using these, we came up with our class charter, a set of rights and responsibilities to make our class AMAZING!

We also spent time sharing what makes us unique and special. We discussed how we all learn differently and have different strengths. As part of this, we explored our physical differences and did our very own self-portraits! The children explored colour mixing and used paint to create masterpieces that are now on display for all to enjoy! Take a look below...


Forest School

We enjoyed our very first Forest School! The sun was shining and the children were VERY excited! We revisited the Forest School rules and responsibilities. We also explored the woods by identifying trees using their leaves. We also found some caterpillar eggs! It was a great afternoon!

How to be a Bucket Filler

To kick off our English lessons, we read 'How to be a Bucket Filler'. This is a lovely book that describes how we all carry around an invisible bucket that is filled with happiness by kind words and actions. We learnt how to be a bucket filler but also discussed how some people can be bucket dippers and take from people's buckets when they are unkind.  Dipping into other people's buckets also takes happiness from your own bucket so it pays to be kind! We made our very own buckets and wrote out kind comments and compliments to our classmates in order to fill their buckets. 

Finally, we ended the week by writing out a set of instructions on 'How to be a Bucket Filler'. We explored the features of instructions and then used these to make our own. They were brilliant!