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Forest School

We have been really enjoying our Forest School sessions at Failand. This week we practised our fire-lighting and whittling skills. We ended the session toasting marshmallows on the fire we had helped to light!

As part of our Jigsaw Journey, we have been thinking about our relationships at home and in school. Using drama, we used strategies to help us when things go wrong in our friendships. The children acted out different scenarios and explained to the children what solutions they came up with to solve their problems! Remember - you and your friend must agree with the ending solution! 

A celebration of poetry!

Over the past week, the children have been learning all about 'personification'. We have taken on the role of a raindrop and wrote a poem about our journey through countryside, villages, cities and oceans. Take a look at some of our amazing poems. 

What a Performance!

A big well done to all the Year 3s for putting on such a fantastic performance of The Rockin' Romans. You all acted your parts brilliantly and wowed the audience with your super singing!

Maths Week

We took part in lots of mathematical activities this week. We created artwork using different 2D shapes - see how many shapes you can spot in our pictures! We also had a visit from a pirate who needed our help with some Maths challenges! 

The Rocking Romans

Our Rocking Romans topic is coming to an end and we are really looking forward to sharing everything we have learned in our class production! As you can see, we have been busy this week adding the final touches to our props and back-drop. Well done to all those children who have put lots of effort into learning their parts and songs!

Super Scientists!

We celebrated Science Week this week with a visit from Rocket Rachael! We learnt about different kinds of physical and chemical reactions. She showed us how to make slime, what happens when you mix different chemicals and how to create a vortex! 

We also carried out our own scientific investigation in class. We learnt about sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. Can you remember how each of these are formed? We then tested different types of rocks to see which would be the best to use to build a patio in a school playground. 

World Book Day

We had fun celebrating World Book Day in Opera class. We enjoyed hearing some of the teachers' favourite children's stories during our whole school story share. We also held a class book quiz, designed our own bookmarks and had a go at writing and illustrating our own stories after some top tips from the experts! We even got to meet a real author, andy seed, who told us about some of his books and what it is like to be an author.   

To watch the world book day videos again and for more games and activities please click here!

Our Day Out at M Shed

Year 3 enjoyed a trip to M Shed to find out more about the Romans in Bristol. We learnt about Roman villas, toys Roman children would have played with and the food they ate. We even got to make our own Roman jewellery! We found out that Roman boys wore a type of amulet called a bulla and girls wore a lunula.

A big thank you to all the parents who were able to help us on our trip!

A Roman Mystery

In English we have started a new book, The Secrets of Vesuvius, which is from the Roman Mysteries series. At the end of this block of learning, we will be writing our own Roman mystery story. This book has also helped to launch the volcano and earthquakes part of our topic. So far we have explored the layers of the Earth and looked at how volcanoes erupt. See if you can explain to an adult what happens when a volcano erupts!

Our Class Charter

To start the new term, we looked at our class charter again to remind ourselves of our rights and responsibilities in class. Take a look at our updated charter below:

Roman Shields

We have been creating Roman shields! We looked at the designs and symbols the Romans had on their shields and used these to inspire our own designs. Have a look at us in action below: 

Making Pizzas

We have been learning about the tasty food you can eat in Italy. As a treat, we made our very own pizzas! We are starting to really know what it's like to be in Italy. Can you remember what continent Italy is in?

Pirate Invasion! 

Opera Class has been continuing to impress Mrs Wright and Miss Kelly in their learning. Not only have we designed our own postcards from Italy, we have also taken on the role of a reporter to write an article on a pirate attack! In our class story, Iliona is travelling to Egypt with her family, when suddenly.......


We have been reading the book Roman Diary, Journey of Iliona. In the story, Iliona and her brother Apollo have been captured by the Roman Pirates and sold as slaves to the citizens of Rome. To really understand what it was like to be sold, Opera class held their own auction and the children were sold as slaves! 

To kick start this term, we have been learning all about what roman life was like. so far, we have created our own mosaics, and even stepped into the shoes of a roman soldier! We learnt the roman commands for turn left, turn right and how to draw our sword! 

We command you take a look at our roman army photos! 


Our classroom was transformed into an Art Gallery today. We quietly made our way around the Mosaics and wrote our thoughts on post-it notes! 


Exploring Cheddar caves! 

'I saw a caveman in the museum of prehistoric. The cave man showed us some tools, animal bones and stone age clothes. The cave man also let us wear the clothes' 'My favourite part was dressing up and we saw someone make fire!' 'In Cox's Cave there are illusions of a bear smashing through the walls of the cave' 'In the next room was some beautiful gems!! They sparkled so bright that my eyes sparkled too!' 'I looked at everything in the cave, it was incredible' 

Stop the Change!

Our big question last week was 'Should the school start serving stone age meals?'. We discussed what stone age meals might have looked like and compared it to what we eat today. We worked together to create a for and against list, and finished off by creating a poster to either 'Stop the Change' or 'Do the Change'. I wonder if you'll find any stone age meals in the lunch hall this week?

Step into the Stone Age!

We have made a fantastic start with our first topic of the year, Step into the Stone Age! We became speleologists and studied cave paintings made during the Stone Age. We then transformed our classroom into our very own cave and used charcoal and pastels to create our own cave paintings. We had to listen out to check there were no cave bears or sabre-tooth tigers approaching! 

Welcome to our Year 3 Opera Class page! We hope you have all had a wonderful summer and are excited about coming back to school. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday and getting to know you better over the coming term. 


Mrs Wright and Miss Kelly

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