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Maths Curriculum

At Cathedral Primary School, we aim for all children to become confident, resilient and curious mathematical thinkers. Pupils will come to appreciate the beauty of Mathematics as a lifelong tool and interdisciplinary device for understanding the world around them. They will learn to make rich connections and apply this, and their ever-increasing fluency, to investigate and solve a variety of problems. Throughout all children’s mathematical endeavours, they will show the ability to reason using appropriate and accurate language.

We follow the planning and progression in Maths from the NCETM, which uses DfE's guidance on teaching maths in primary schools (2020) as a basis. 

Maths is taught daily across the school.  Each lesson starts with Number Sense Maths in KS1 (and Yr 3 for catch-up purposes) and Number Talk sessions in Key Stage.  We focus on mathematical vocabulary because research suggests this is particularly useful for lower attainers and pronotes mathematical resilience.  Teachers will model use of language and children will be expected to use the vocabulary in their maths discussion.  We use mathmatical stem sentences to embed concepts and ensure children have the correct language to describe their learning. We teach to a mastery maths approach, meaning that children are all working on the same maths domain.  Differentiation is dynamic according to needs in a given topic and might include - work with a teacher or LSA or extra resources to scaffold tasks.  At CPS, children will explore concepts in depth using talk, manipulatives, drawings and formal calculations.  Rapid graspers are encouraged to explore the maths independently, seek patterns and make connections of other areas of maths.


Each block of maths has a curriculum progression.  Please click on the documents below to see the progression from Year 1 to Year 6 in each area.

Curriculum Progression Map - Place Value

Curriculum Progression Map - Addition and Subtraction

Curriculum Progression Map - Multiplication and Division

Curriculum Progression Map - Ratio and Proportion

Curriculum Progression Map - Measurement

Curriculum Progression Map - Geometry and properties of shapes

Curriculum Progression Map - Geometry position and movement

Curriculum Progression Map - Statistics



 Please click here to see our progression in Calculation summary.