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Reception Induction Information
September 2020

Community Children's Health Partnership


 Pupil Premium

We ask that every new Reception parent fills in an application for Pupil Premium funding by clicking on this link - CPS FSM Eligibility Checker. We would like all parents to do this before your child starts school in September. 

If your child is eligible, your child will be able to receive Pupil Premium Funding. All pupils identified as being in the Pupil Premium cohort will benefit from additional academic support and encouragement to ensure that they have a positive and successful learning experience. We aim to close any gap in attainment and achievement between them and their non-Pupil Premium peers. Financial support is also available.

More information about this can be found here

Please note that this eligibility checker does not affect whether your child will get a free school meal or not as that is provided separately for all children in years Reception - Year 2 via the Universal Infant Free Schools Meals scheme. 

Famous School Branches - CPS Uniform Suppliers 

Due to social distancing our store capacity has been significantly reduced. Therefore, we will not be able to supply all parents through our stores and we want to prevent large queues. 

To find out how to book an appointment, please see the document below.

For a list of uniform requirements for Reception children please click here...


PTA Welcome Letter
Cathedral Primary School's Privacy Notice
Cathedral Primary School's Parking Pledge


As part of our Anti Idling event at school, we would like to ask our parents and families to pledge the following:

  • Walk, cycle or get the bus to school whenever possible, including parking further from the school and walking the last bit of the journey (Park and Stride). 
  • Never park, drop off or pick up across the yellow zig zag lines – this is illegal and dangerous. 
  • Not park on the pavement. 
  • Never park, drop off or pick up across the school entrance. 
  • Never park, drop off or pick up inside or across the private lane from the Cathedral – helping us to be excellent neighbours.
  • Set an example by being polite and courteous to staff, children, other parents, our neighbours and other members of the public. 


Please click on the link below to sign the pledge:

Cathedral Primary School's Parking Pledge 

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all those parents who do commit to helping to keep our children safe on their journeys to and from school. 

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 Welcome Information for Children
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