Local Governing Body

The Local Governing Body meets five or six times a year, usually once every half term.

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Once Approved, Minutes from the Local Governing Body Meetings are available on request from the Clerk,
Paula Parker - pparker@cathedralprimaryschool.org

At the end of 2015/16 governors agreed that now CPS is part of a Multi-Academy Trust there was no need for separate committees. Instead, items previously covered at the TLS Committee such as assessment data would be part of the Local Governing Body meetings and individual named governors would meet with Mrs Yarnold as necessary.


Cathedral Primary School Local Governing Body

Name  Category of Governor 
(and Appointing Body)


From  To 
Sara Yarnold Ex-officio Headteacher
Accounting Officer, Equalities Lead
Neil Blundell Governor (Reappointed when Local Governing Body created)

Executive Principal of Cathedral Schools Trust.

22/06/16  21/06/20
Stephen Parsons


(Reappointed by LGB after previous
term of office expired)



23/08/16 22/08/20
Will Shield


(Reappointed when Local Governing Body created)

Vice Chair


13/10/14 12/10/18
Tracy Dixon

Parent Governor

(elected by parents)
Assessment 07/12/15   06/12/19
 Tracey Benzecry


(Reappointed when Local Governing
Body created)

Early Years

Children in Care

 16/02/16 15/02/20 
Chelsea Pill

Staff Governor (appointed by staff)

Pupil Premium  16/02/16 15/02/20
Penny Knowles

Parent Governor
(elected by parents)

Pupil Premium
Equalities Lead
22/11/13 29/09/17
Ben Knight


  08/10/12 07/10/16
 Stephen Atkinson




David Hoyle



Dean of Bristol Cathedral 18/04/13 16/02/16
Chris Sims


Finance 05/08/13



Cathedral Primary School Declaration of Business Interests 2017 / 2018


Name of Governor Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date that the Interest Commenced Date of Entry / Amendment
Stephen Parsons


       October 2017       

Cathedral Schools Trust

Education, MAT Member & Trustee  Feb 2016

Fitzhardings Society

Cathedral Charity Chair  

Society of Merchant Venturers

Charity Director & Member of the Standing Committee

Bristol Cathedral Choir School

Education Vice-Chair Sep 2008

BCCS Endowment Fund

Charity  Trustee May 2009

Old Smiths Yard Management Co. Ltd

Property Management Director March 2014

Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust and Dioceses of Bristol Academies Company

Education, Diocesian MAT Director Sep 2012

Bristol Cathedral Trust

Religious Director Sep 2008

UK Community Foundations

Fundraising Director 2014

Redcliffe Ltd

Dormant Company Director

Redcliffe Magtronics Ltd

In Administration Dormant Director April 1998

Bristol Cathedral School

Education Director July 2003
Neil Blundell Cathedral Schools Trust Education, MAT Executive Principal Feb 2016 Sep 2017
George Blundell Education Son & Pupil at BCCS  Sep 2016 
Giles Hankinson Utility Aid CEO Friend 2015

Tracey Benzecry

Edward Benzecry CST Trustee Husband Feb 2016 Sep 2017
Sara Yarnold Cathedral Primary School Education Head Teacher August 2013 Sep 2017
Will Shield Educational Psychology, SEND Support Self-Employed Sep 2013 Sep 2017
Tracy Dixon Juice Creative Communications Design and Branding Partner Februray 1997 Sep 2017
Chelsea Pill Cathedral Primary School Education Teacher September 2014 Sep 2017

Local Governing Body Meeting - Attendance: September 2016 – August 2017

Governor Name

Number of Possible Local Governing Body Meetings  Number of Local Governing Body Meetings Attended
Sara Yarnold 7 7
Neil Blundell  7 6
Stephen Parsons  7 6
Penny Knowles  7 4
Will Shield 7 7
Tracy Dixon 7 7
Tracey Benzecry  7 5
Chelsea Cummins 7 7


Local Governing Body Meetings - Attendance: September 2015 - August 2016

Governor Name  Number of Possible Full Governor Meetings Number of Full Governor Meetings Attended  Number of Possible TLS Committee Meetings  Number of TLS Committee Meetings Attended 
Sara Yarnold 6 6 4 4
Neil Blundell  6 4 4 1
Stephen Parsons  6 6 4 2
Penny Knowles  6 6 4 4
Ben Knight  6 3 4 2
David Hoyle  3 2    
Stephen Atkinson  5 0    
Will Shield  6 4 4 3
Tracy Dixon  4 4 2 2
Tracey Benzecry 3 3
Chelsea Cummins 3 3 1 1