The Full Governing Body meets five or six times a year, usually once every half term.

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There is one committee; Teaching and Learning Standards. Click here for Terms of Reference.


Cathedral Primary School Governing Body

Name  Category of Governor 
(and Appointing Body)


From  To  Committee/Group 
Sara Yarnold Ex-officio Headteacher
Accounting Officer
05/08/13   Teaching and Learning Standards
Neil Blundell Ex-officio Executive Principal  23/08/12   Teaching and Learning Standards
Stephen Parsons Governor (First Governor from incorporation)  Chair
Children in Care
23/08/12 22/08/16 Teaching and Learning Standards
 Penny Knowles Parent Governor
(elected by parents)
Chair of TLS Committee
Pupil Premium
 22/11/13  21/11/17 Teaching and Learning Standards
Ben Knight

(appointed by Members)

Early Years 08/10/12 07/10/16 Teaching & Learning Standards
Stephen Atkinson  Governor
(First Governor from incorporation) 
Health and Safety 
23/08/12   22/08/16  
 Will Shield Governor
(appointed by Members)
SEND  13/10/14 12/10/18  Teaching and Learning Standards 
Tracy Dixon  Parent Governor
(elected by Parents)
  07/12/15 06/12/19  Teaching and Learning Standards
Tracey Benzecry Governor
(appointed by Members) 
   16/02/16 15/02/20   
 Chelsea Cummins Staff Governor
(appointed by Staff) 
  16/02/16  15/02/20   
 David Hoyle Governor
Dean of Bristol Cathedral  18/04/13 16/02/16   
Chris Sims Governor
Finance 05/08/13 08/06/15  



Governor Meetings

Our school governors meet at least once every term. Once approved, Minutes of Full Governor Meetings are available below or can be requested via the clerk Paula Parker.

Approved Minutes of the Full Governors - 15th December 2015

Approved Minutes of the Full Governors - 20th October 2015

Approved Minutes of the Full Governors - 29th April 2015



Cathedral Primary School Declaration of Business Interests 2015 / 2016

Name of Governor Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Entry / Checked
Stephen Parsons

Worshipful Company of Security Professionals Charitable Trust

 Education and Health  Chair    October 2015

Bristol Cathedral Trust

Cathedral Charity Chair    

Fitzhardinge Society

Cathedral Support Chair    

Society of Merchant Venturers

Charity Member    

Bristol Cathedral Choir School

Education Chair 2008  

Old Smiths Yard Management Co. Ltd

Resident Property Mgt Director March 2014  

Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust and Dioceses of Bristol Academies Company

Education Director July 2012  

LEP Social Enterprise Sector Group

Local Business Chair December 2012  
Neil Blundell Bristol Cathedral Choir School Education Principal September 2008 October 2015
Diocese of Bristol DOBAC Board of Education Education      
Steve Atkinson Aukett Fitzroy Robinson, now Aukett Swanke Architects Director / Owner 1994 October 2015
Bristol Cathedral Choir School Education Director  2011  

Tracey Benzecry

CMS Cameron McKenna Solicitors Husband is Partner 1994 February 2016
Ben Knight   Bristol UWE Education Senior Lecturer September 2009  
Knights Players Youth Theater Director November 2008 October 2015
Project Zulu Charity Director 2012  
Sara Yarnold Cathedral Primary School Education Head Teacher August 2013 October 2015
Penny Knowles Self Employed Property Property Manager / Administrator July 2015 October 2015
Will Shield North Somerset Council Education Employee (Educational Psychologist) March 2014 October 2015
Self Employed Education Post 16 Dyslexia / Specific Learning Difficulty Assessment October 2013  
Tracy Dixon Juice Creative Communications Design and Branding Partner Februray 1997 January 2016
Chelsea Cummins Cathedral Primary School Education Teacher September 2014 February 2016



Governor Meeting Attendance: September 2015 - March 2016

Governor Name  Number of Possible Full Governor Meetings Number of Full Governor Meetings Attended  Number of Possible TLS Committee Meetings  Number of TLS Committee Meetings Attended 
Sara Yarnold 4 4 3 3
Neil Blundell  4 3 3 1
Stephen Parsons  4 4 3 1
Penny Knowles  4 4 3 3
Ben Knight  4 2 3 1
David Hoyle  3 2    
Stephen Atkinson  4 0    
Will Shield  4 3 3 2
Tracy Dixon  2 2 1 1
Tracey Benzecry 1 1
Chelsea Cummins 1 1


Governor Meeting Attendance: September 2014 - August 2015

Governor Name Number of Possible Full Governor Meetings Number of Full Governor Meetings Attended  Number of Possible TLS Committee Meetings  Number of TLS Committee Meetings Attended 
Sara Yarnold 6 6 2 2
Neil Blundell  6 6 2 1
Stephen Parsons 6 6 2 1
Penny Knowles 6 6 2 2
Ben Knight  6 4 2 1
David Hoyle  6 2    
Stephen Atkinson  6 1    
Will Shield  6 5 2 2
Chris Sims 6 3