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Local Governing Body

Update on the faith designation for Cathedral Primary School

As you will be aware we ran a consultation from 14th November 2019 until 10th January 2020 to see whether Cathedral Primary School should adopt a faith designation and become a Church of England school. A report capturing the outcomes of that consultation is included here for information. In March, the governors of CPS and Trustees of CST decided to continue to the next stage of the process and submitted a business case to the Department for Education for them to consider. We can now confirm that the Department for Education has given their approval for CPS to gain a faith designation and we will commence the more detailed work to formalise the designation. It is our expectation that at some point during the next academic year the change will be finalised and we will be working closely with BCCS, CST and Cathedral colleagues on ways we can further strengthen our relationships going forward. We know that some of you were concerned that the change will impact on the vision and ethos of the school and we want to reassure you that we have no intention to alter these core aspects of our school and community. Similarly our admission arrangements will remain the same and we will continue to value and celebrate our inclusivity and diversity. 

The Local Governing Body meets five or six times a year, usually once every half term.

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Once Approved, Minutes from the Local Governing Body Meetings are available on request from the Clerk,
Paula Parker -

At the end of 2015/16 Governors agreed that now Cathedral Primary School is part of a Multi-Academy Trust there was no need for separate committees. Instead, items previously covered at the TLS Committee such as assessment data would be part of the Local Governing Body meetings and individual named Governors would meet with Mrs Yarnold as necessary.

The Articles of Association for Cathedral Schools Trust can be found here

The funding agreement for Cathedral Primary School can be found here

Stephen Parsons is the Chair of Governors, if you wish to write to him you can do so at :

Cathedral Primary School, College Square, Bristol, BS1 5TS


Cathedral Primary School Local Governing Body 2019 - 2020

Name  Category of Governor 
(and Appointing Body)


From  To 
Sara Yarnold Ex-officio Headteacher
Accounting Officer
Neil Blundell Governor
(Reappointed when Local Governing Body created)

Executive Principal of Cathedral Schools Trust. 

22/06/16  21/06/20
Stephen Parsons

(Reappointed by LGB after previous
term of office expired)



23/08/16 22/08/20
Will Shield

(Reappointed when Local Governing Body created)

Vice Chair
Children in Care

& 13/10/18

Troy Roe

Parent Governor
(elected by parents)


Pierluigi Pagliuca Governor 
(appointed by Local Governing Body)
Early Years / Assessment 21/11/17 20/11/21
Lucy Ryder Parent Governor
(elected by parents)
Equalities/Inclusion Governor 04/07/18 03/07/22
Danuta Perryer  Staff Governor 
(appointed by staff)
23/02/20 22/01/24
Zahra Adam Governor
(appointed by Local Governing Body)
Pupil Premium 13/09/18 12/09/22
Tim Gear-Evans Governor
(appointed by Local Governing Body)
Health & Safety 19/03/19 18/03/23
Chelsea Pill  Staff Governor 
(appointed by staff)

Pupil Premium 16/02/16 15/02/20 
Tracy Davidson Parent Governor
(elected by parents)
Assessment 07/12/15 06/12/19
 Tracey Benzecry


Early Years

Children in Care

16/02/16 19/06/18
Penny Knowles

Parent Governor
(elected by parents)

Pupil Premium
Equalities Lead
22/11/13 29/09/17
Ben Knight


  08/10/12 07/10/16
 Stephen Atkinson




David Hoyle



Dean of Bristol Cathedral 18/04/13 16/02/16
Chris Sims


Finance 05/08/13



Cathedral Primary School Declaration of Business Interests 2019 / 2020


Name of Governor Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date that the Interest Commenced Date of Entry / Amendment
Stephen Parsons


      October 2019   

Cathedral Schools Trust

Education, MAT Member & Trustee  February2016

Fitzhardings Society

Cathedral Charity Chair  

Society of Merchant Venturers

Charity Director & Member of the Standing Committee

Bristol Cathedral Choir School

Education Vice-Chair September 2008

BCCS Endowment Fund

Charity  Trustee May 2009

Old Smiths Yard Management Co. Ltd

Property Management Director March 2014

Bristol Cathedral Trust

Charity Trustee & Chair September 2008

Bristol Cathedral School

Education Director July 2003

Bristol Cathedral Chapter

Religion Member
Neil Blundell Cathedral Schools Trust Education, MAT Executive Principal February 2016 October 2019
George Blundell Education Son & Pupil at BCCS  September 2016 
Giles Hankinson Utility Aid CEO Friend 2015
Sara Yarnold Cathedral Primary School Education Head Teacher August 2013 September 2019  
Will Shield Educational Psychology, SEND Support Self-Employed September 2013  September 2019
Somerset County Council Educational Psychology, SEND Support Employee July 2018
UWE Bristol Educational Psychology, Support Self-Employed
September 2014
Tracy Davidson Juice Creative Communications Design and Branding Partner Februray 1997 September 2019
Chelsea Pill Cathedral Primary School Education Teacher September 2014 September 2019
Pierluigi Pagliuca CMS CMNO LLP Solicitors Employee December 2014 October 2019
Lucy Ryder Home Office Civil Service Employee September 2019 September 2019
Zahra Adam AZ Ventures Ltd. Private Investment Director August 2018 September 2019
Tim Gear-Evans Gear-Evans Ltd. Management Consultancy Director January 2017 October 2019

Local Governing Body Meetings - Attendance: September 2018 – August 2019

Governor Name

Number of Possible Local Governing Body Meetings  Number of Local Governing Body Meetings Attended
Sara Yarnold 6 6
Neil Blundell  6 4
Stephen Parsons  6 5
Will Shield 6 6
Tracy Davidson (Dixon) 6 5
Lucy Ryder 6 6
Chelsea Pill 6 5
Pierluigi Pagliuca 6 3
Zahra Adam 5 5
Tim Gear-Evans 2 1


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