Local Governing Body
Cathedral Primary School is part of Cathedral Schools Trust, a multi-academy trust.  The overarching governance body of the Trust is the ‘Members’. Beneath the members sit the ‘Trustees’.

For more information on members, trustees and responsibilities (schemes of delegation) please see links below:

Below this structure, every school in the Trust has a Local Governing Body (LGB). The governors of Cathedral Primary School are listed below. 
The local governing body meets six times a year, once every term. Once approved, minutes from the local governing body meetings are available on request from the Clerk at clerk@cathedralprimaryschool.org
There are no separate committees at CPS, instead all items are covered at LGB meetings or via meetings with staff. CPS governors also sit on CST committees.
If you wish to contact the local governing body, the Chair of Governors can be contacted via the Clerk at clerk@cathedralprimaryschool.org or write via the school to the Chair : Mr T Gear-Evans, Cathedral Primary School, College Square, Bristol, BS1 5TS

The Articles of Association for Cathedral Schools Trust can be found here

The funding agreement for Cathedral Primary School can be found here

Constitution and Schemes of Delegation (for religiously designated schools) can be found here

 Cathedral Primary School Local Governing Body 2023 - 2024

Name  Category of Governor 
(and Appointing Body)


From  To 
Sara Yarnold Ex-officio Headteacher
Accounting Officer
05/08/13 ex-officio 
Lucie Bebbington-Lewis Staff Governor 
(elected by staff)
6/10/23 05/10/27
Tim Gear-Evans Governor
(appointed by Local Governing Body)
Health & Safety
19/03/19 18/03/27
Fiona Dorman Foundation Governor
(appointed by CST Trustees with consent of the Dean)
Vice Chair
SIAMs Lead
10/12/20  09/12/24
Souya Barton Governor
(appointed by LGB) 
SEND  17/05/22  16/05/26 
Jess Tomico Parent Governor
(elected by parents) 

Care Experienced Children (& PLAC)

08/07/22  07/07/26 
Matthew Roberts Governor
(appointed by LGB) 
Assessment & Data 29/11/22 28/11/26
Melanie Parkin

Foundation Governor
(appointed by CST Trustees with consent of the Dean)

Pupil Premium 03/05/23 02/05/27
Ryan Ollerenshaw

Parent Governor
(elected by parents)

  30/01/24 29/01/28
Troy Roe

Parent Governor
(elected by parents)

Safeguarding 30/01/20 29/01/24
Rebecca Wright

Staff Governor 
(appointed by staff)


21/09/21 16/09/23
Will Shield

(Reappointed by Local Governing Body)

Children in Care 
Mental Health & Wellbeing, Voice 21
13/10/18 12/10/22
Lucy Ryder

Parent Governor
(elected by parents)

04/07/18 03/07/22
Danuta Perryer  Staff Governor 
(appointed by staff)

23/02/20  13/09/21 


To see the list of previous Governors at Cathedral Primary School, please click here

Financial Statements 

As CPS is part of Cathedral Schools Trust it no longer publishes its own accounts. 
The accounts of Cathedral Schools Trust can be found at: http://www.cathedralschoolstrust.org/governance/accounts/

Cathedral Primary School Declaration of Business Interests 2023-2024

Governors must declare any interest they have, or plans they, their spouse, partner or close family members might have, that are related to or might be construed as being related to the school, academy or trust and its budget.

These include (but are not limited to):

  • relevant business interests
  • governance roles in other educational institutions
  • any material interests arising from relationships between board members or relationships between board members and school staff


Name of Governor Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date that the Interest Commenced Date of Entry / Amendment
Sara Yarnold Cathedral Primary School Education Head Teacher August 2013 November 2023
Troy Roe Kernow Controls Ltd. Building Energy Mgmt Employee April 2022 November 2023
C&P Roe Liming Ltd. Agricultural Contractor Partner May 2019
Tim Gear-Evans Netiro Ltd. Executive Search Director April 2022 November 2023
Fiona Dorman Bristol Cathedral Religion  Education Officer  June 2017  November 2023
Cathedral Schools Trust Education  Freelance September 2020 
Fiona Dorman Training Training & Coaching Self-Employed January 2017
Diocesan Board of Education Education & Religion Member July 2019
Lucie Bebbington-Lewis Cathedral Primary School Education  Teacher September 2023 November 2023
Jess Tomico University of the West of England Education/University Employee Jan 2016 November 2023
Bristol University Education/University Husband is employee Sep 2016
Souya Barton Ramboll Consulting Engineers Multidisciplinary Engineering Consultancy Employee Jan 2022 November 2023
Matthew Roberts Clear Bank Financial Technology Employee   June 2022 November 2023
Melanie Parkin Clifton College Education Chaplain October22 November 2023
Bristol Cathedral  Place of Worship  Husband is a Residentiary Canon August 2021
Bristol Cathedral Place of Worship Volunteer September 2022 
Ryan Ollerenshaw Consortia Personnel Recruitment Director May 2010  February 2024

Local Governing Body Meetings - Attendance: September 2022 - August 2023

Governor Name

Number of Possible Local
Governing Body Meetings 
Number of Local
Governing Body Meetings Attended
Sara Yarnold 6 4
Will Shield 1 1
Tim Gear-Evans 6 6
Troy Roe 6 6
Fiona Dorman 6 4
Souya Barton 6 5
Melanie Parkin 2 2
Matthew Roberts 5 3
Jess Tomico 6 5
Rebecca Wright 6 3

For previous attendances please click here