Design Technology


Throughout our Design and Technology curriculum, we hope that children will enhance their natural curiosity, creativity and imagination. Using these skills, the children will engage in the different processes; design, create, evaluate. Through the Kapow Primary programme, each child will be given the tools to design and assemble their own products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. The children at Cathedral Primary School will apply their mathematical, scientific, artistic, computing and engineering skills to problem solve, find innovative ideals and evaluate past and present design and technology. 

Our Design and Technology (DT) curriculum allows children to develop their critical thinking and understanding on the impact DT has on daily life and the wider world. It provides them with the opportunities to show our CPS values through their creativity in finding practical solutions when designing their products; having the courage to use a variety of tools to make their products and most importantly showing respect when analysing and evaluating theirs and their peers' work.

You can see a full overview of the intent, implementation and impact of our DT curriculum here.

Click here to see the DT Curriculum progression and background from Kapow DT. This provides further detail on how the curriculum objectives are aligned to the National Curriculum.