Physical Education

Physical Education at CPS inspires children to create a lifelong positive relationship with physical activity. Our PE curriculum encourages the contribution of many voices through continual group and pair work where children take on different roles and offer their own perspectives. The nature of the physical challenges allow the children repeated opportunities to develop their creativity well as ensuring progression in physical and movement skills. They have the freedom to use their own ideas to respond to different tasks and change tactics or rules to make them more fun or challenging. Courage is developed through frequent opportunities to perform, take risks, learn new skills and show resilience. An explicit learning focus on working well with others, giving & receiving sensitive feedback and following etiquette in various competitive situations provides a great opportunity for children to learn about respect.

Our curriculum is based on a multi-ability model that aims to develop the whole child and provides both support and challenge for all. The curriculum encourages the children to take part in increasingly competitive situations, against both themselves and others. The physical aspect focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills (agility, balance and coordination) with the aim of giving each child the confidence to tackle progressively more complex challenges and physical activities. The use of extensive  grounds at Failand, allows children to have the opportunity to experience sport in an outdoor sports complex.  This enriches our PE curriculum for outdoor team sports and athletics. An equal focus on the other aspects of the multi-ability model (personal, social, creative, cognitive and health & fitness skills) contributes to the holistic development of the children as learners. 

Please click here to read our intent, implementation and impact statement for PE.

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