Our history curriculum allows the children to explore the many voices of a vast and diverse range of topics from the Stone Age right through to the present day. Pupils are encouraged to show courage and be brave enough to showcase their many voices to debate and question the value of different sources and evidence to develop their arguments, while showing respect to a range of opinions from different historical events. Through the use of a diverse range of sources and evidence, our history curriculum enables the children to present their work in a variety of different ways, enabling them to develop their judgements creatively.  

Our History curriculum is built around the principles of advancing cumulative knowledge, chronology, change through cause and consequence, as well as making connections within and throughout periods of time studied. he curriculum is made memorable by retrieval and spaced retrieval practice, word building and deliberate practice tasks. Some learning modules are revisited to help children remember more.


You can see a full overview of the intent, implementation and impact of our History curriculum here.