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History Curriculum Intent


At Cathedral Primary School we want children to be passionate about History. We aim for children to leave school with a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world, how this has shaped our present and how it will continue to affect our future. Their understanding of chronology, historical enquiry and knowledge of significant events from the past will develop and build year-on-year from Reception until Year 6.

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced to ensure that core knowledge is taught and recapped on before a core concept is developed further.  The core concepts that run through our curriculum are : continuity & change, cause & consequence, similarity & difference, historical  significance, sources and evidence and historical interpretations. It is also sequenced to reinforce children's understanding of chronology. 

Please click here for our Humanities and Science Curriculum overview for EYFS/Key Stage 1 and for Key Stage Two. 

Through our enquiry approach to learning, we will encourage children’s curiosity, teaching them to pose questions and investigate answers. They will be critical thinkers, evaluating the value of different sources and evidence, and they will use this to develop arguments, judgement and opinion. 

Children will explore the complexity and diversity of life and society within their locality and that of the wider world, noting how it has changed and why. This will help to foster an awareness of individual identity in children, giving them a sense of perspective and place within the world. 


Have a look at the curriculum journey below to see when the knowledge blocks contained in the Natiolnal Curriculum are taught at Cathedral Primary School.  Scroll down to start at reception and work upwards to Year 6 or alternatively click here to print.