Our writing curriculum is centred around an immersive approach to a subject, understanding the purpose and audience of the writing outcome. This means that the children have opportunities to be engaged with the writing process through; analysing model texts; talking the text; drama and role play as well as cross curricula knowledge and activities to enhance their writing. We believe that by allowing our children to explore a wide-range of inclusive and classic texts, that we are giving them the breadth of literature that will help them to develop their own creativity in their writing.

Whenever possible, we want all children to be able to ‘see’ themselves in the narratives they read as this helps to foster respect for people and ideas from all around the world and gives children the courage to express themselves freely through their words. Each year the children are exposed to many voices in the different fiction and non-fiction texts they read and, through the discrete teaching of grammar, are progressively taught the features of different types of writing.

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