Our Curriculum 

The curriculum and ethos at Cathedral Primary School provides the opportunity for all children to achieve their full potential in the academic, musical, creative, social, spiritual and emotional aspects of their lives. All members of our school community will embody the school vision of “Many Voices One Harmony”; and be guided by the school values of:  Creativity, Respect and Courage.

We have an ambitious curriculum, teaching the National Curriculum.  It is rigorous, coherent and sequential, where knowledge is taught to be remembered. Our cumulative curriculum from EYFS to Year 6, ensures that children build on their knowledge year by year. The curriculum is rooted in the strongest available evidence about how pupils learn and retain knowledge in the long term.

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If you need further information about our curriculum please contact the main office at: admin@cathedralprimaryschool.org  


Guiding Principles  

The following principles guide our curriculum design (intent) and delivery (implementation) across all subjects.

At Cathedral Primary School the curriculum is:

  • rich in powerful knowledge, skills and vocabulary, which are specified, taught, assessed and remembered by pupils
  • well-planned and sequenced so that key concepts are built on year by year
  • rooted in the strongest available evidence about how pupils learn and retain knowledge in the long term
  • taught by expert teacher with all lessons following the guiding pedagogical principles of the CEEAAC model (Connect, Explain, Example, Attempt, Apply, Challenge)
  • underpinned by a sharp use of assessment to support and progress learning

Our curriculum reflects the strong, yet diverse community and our position geographically, in the heart of Bristol in close proximity to the Cathedral and Bristol Cathedral Choir School. The curriculum will help children to form greater connections with and have an appreciation of the historical site, locality and community. Children will learn about local scientists, historical figures, artists, musicians and visit local museums, art galleries, and cultural venues. Music is an integral part of our school life and we aim to provide children with the skills and appreciation which will allow them to develop any form of music they wish to in the years ahead.

To support our children with Send: High quality teaching is the first step in responding to pupils who have special educational needs (SEND Code of Practice, 2015: 6.36-6.37). We have high expectations for all our pupils and use the Education Endowment Fund SEND guidance (EEF, 2021) to support all to achieve. More information is available on each of the subject curriculum intent, implementation and impact pages. 

Quality First Teaching is deployed for all and to ensure provision for SEND:

● Lessons are structured in small manageable steps
● Stem sentences provide scaffolding for concepts
● The CPA approach is used to reinforce concepts
● Questioning will be targeted to suit each child’s level