Year 1

Mrs Allsop Calypso Class
Mrs Allsop
Tango Class
  Mr Hall
Calypso Class

Term 1-6 - PE for Year 1 will be on Wednesday mornings.

Please bring your child's reading book in their wallet to school every day. Book change will be at the end of the week.

Key dates:

Thursday 20th June - Tango Class Assembly

Friday 21st June - Calpyso Class Assembly

28th June - Year 1 Beach Trip! 


Term 5: We are now on Summer 2!


Block B = revisit and second attempt

Term 6: 

Independent Retell of a familiar story

Instructional Writing BLOCK B

Setting Descriptions BLOCK B



Maths (please see Number Sense at bottom of page)

Term 5:



 Term 6: Revisit Plants and Animals




Term 6: Lives of significant people in Space continued!




Term 6: Mapping and Fieldwork