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Pastoral Activities

All images are created by Mrs. Gunn, If you are not part of the CPS community please ask permission before using. 


At Cathedral Primary school we believe it is important that the children have a range of tools to help manage their emotions and feelings. The children are encouraged to create their own feelings toolkit and each class has one they can all use. A feelings toolkit can be a useful strategy to use at home. Please have a look at the PowerPoint to find out how to create and use a feelings toolbox. 

Through our ELSA sessions, Pastoral work and classroom PSHE lessons the children are beginning to look closely at how people think and behave. We are using the language around Neuro diversity and being Neurodiverse. Mrs Gunn created a book to start the conversation around thinking in a different way. You might want to use this book to share with your children at home. 

We have started to share with the children the sensations image above. We really want them to understand that our body gives us signals and signs to indicate how we are feeling. 

We know that sometimes it is really hard to tell someone how we are feeling, this simple activity is a great way for a child to express themselves. Why not have a go at home?