Anti-Bullying at CPS

At Cathedral Primary School we believe that conversations around bullying need to happen all year round. The conversations happen during PSHE lessons, assemblies and class discussions.

The children understand that they have trusted adults they can speak to our worry notes they are able to complete. 

At Cathedral Primary School we use the language:

Is it rude?

Is it mean?

Is it bullying? 

The children know the language around this and are encouraged to use this language when discussing incidents that occur. 

At Cathedral Primary school we talk to the children about the importance of having trusted adults they can talk to. These posters are displayed around the school to remind the children that there is always an adult to help. At Cathedral primary we have a fantastic pastoral team that the children can talk to and share any of their worries and concerns. They can be contacted on 

At Cathedral primary school we have worry notes in each classroom. The children are encouraged to share any worries they may have. If they do not feel confident to talk to an adult directly then they can complete a worry note. Worry notes are then checked by the adults in the classroom and followed up with the children and families. 

At Cathedral primary school bullying is not accepted. The school council completed some work on our anti bullying policy and created their own poster to share with the school. We remind children of what bullying is, what they can do when they see bullying and the next steps if bullying was to happen.