Our Vision and Values 


At Cathedral Primary School, our Christian vision is rooted in compassion and equality. We celebrate the many voices of our diverse community and how they come together to create one harmony.  This is underpinned by the biblical verse:


‘though we are many, we are one body in union, celebrating the fact we all have different gifts and talents to use’ (Romans 12:5). 


As a Church of England School, we enjoy stories which promote our values from the bible and beyond, respecting and celebrating all religions and worldviews. Our unique setting in the heart of Bristol means that our community is endless; we welcome all cultures and traditions and strive to share a common understanding and love for the world. Our values enable the whole school community to achieve our vision. They are for everyone; all faiths and none.


Our values are promoted through all aspects of daily life at our school; collective worship, pastoral care, our interactions in learning and play, and through our curriculum.  Click here to see our values poster.