Brandon Hill Site

From September 2023 Cathedral Primary School will be running on a split site for one academic year.

Reception and Year 1 will be based at our Brandon Hill Site and Year 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 will remain at our College Square site. 

Brandon Hill Brandon Hill Brandon Hill Brandon Hill

The Reason for the for the move

Cathedral Primary School is located in the lower floors of Bristol Central Library and is Grade I listed. This is the highest level of listed status for buildings of significant importance in the UK; we are privileged to use this amazing space and the surrounding buildings, in partnership with our sister school, Bristol Cathedral Choir School. 

Unfortunately, the original wooden parquet flooring, covering a large portion of our ground floor (including the main hall) has in the past suffered from water damage due to historic flooding. Over time this has caused the parquet to deteriorate and we have therefore covered the entire affected area with a temporary flooring. 

We were advised by our insurers that it is necessary to relocate four of our downstairs classrooms for an extended period in order for repair work to take place. This includes removing the parquet, drying the floor underneath completely and relaying replacement parquet to a standard that is in line with the Grade I requirements of the building. 

The estimated completion time for the work is significantly longer than our summer holiday period, and as such there is no alternative other than for us to temporarily relocate a portion of our school. The exact duration of this project is not confirmed, but we are planning for this to take up to one academic year.

Alternative Location

Our insurers have paid for the renovation of an unused school building which is located on Queen’s Parade, at the south-eastern edge of Brandon Hill (BS1 5XJ).  This site was previously occupied by St George CofE Primary School, which closed at the end of the 2020-21 academic year when that school merged with St Michael’s on the Mount School to become Willow Park Primary School. The building has been unoccupied since that time. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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